IntermodalPV series

Containerized solar power for game-changing solutions

Speed up time to market for your new products

A growing number of companies specializing in water treatment, air purification, power generation and refrigeration units are turning to the Intermodal standard to add mobility to their equipment, a mobility that in recent years has become the key to enabling these products to access new markets and new financing models.

However, the design of containerized equipment requires that all components of the solution be suitable for rapid implementation and recovery. This becomes problematic when adding photovoltaic modules to the solution because a solar power plant, even a small one, requires specific knowledge, energy and, above all, can be very time-consuming to implement.

Whatever container-based solutions you design, you shouldn't have to spend time and resources thinking about how to power your solution with solar energy, while your competitors spend their time making sales.

PWRstation's IntermodalPV solutions accelerate your time to market and allows you to capture more business.


Solar racking system

EXOrac™ is a racking system specially designed to allow solar panels to be quickly deployed and stowed away in minutes in case of very bad weather or if the installation has to be moved elsewhere.

Companies designing all types of containerized equipment can now purchase 10ft and 20ft containers already equipped with a solar installation built on the EXOrac™ system. These containers include one or two racks capable of offering a total power of 10 to 30kWp deployable in a few minutes.

In addition to significant savings on your production costs and its incredible speed of deployment and retrieval, EXORAC™ offers considerable and exclusive advantages in regions where there is a risk of theft, vandalism or hurricanes.

The patented EXOrac™ system is the result of seven years of research, development and field experience, gained notably through installations in United Nations refugee camps (UNHCR) and numerous collaboration swith leading players in the field of distributed energy production such as Schneider Electric and ABB.

Solutions based on EXOrac™ technology are reliable and benefit from a high degree of rationalization and excellent supply chain optimization.

Thanks to the IntermodalPV series and its business concept based on sharing, these solutions are delivered ready to use to any company that develops containerized equipment that uses the sun as its energy source.

You will find in our store two categories of products::

"Compose your own base system", for manufacturers of containerized applications

Customer products based on our systems

UNHCR ordered EXORAC™ solar arrays to power a refugee camp in Shimelba / Ethiopia

"Each year UNHCR spends millions in the field on diesel fuel and diesel generator maintenance. It is now essential to implement new and practical energy solutions to meet the needs of our extensive off-grid operations. We believe this new approach to solar power will deliver substantial benefits for us in the field."
----- Harry Richard Leefe - UNHCR Global Staff Accomodation Manager

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